“This will be the last time.” – “I will make changes tomorrow.”
These words ran through my head almost every day. I was trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction.

For me, struggling with alcohol abuse, the urges were almost constant. My health was failing fast, and my family was about to give up hope. After multiple drying out periods and a previous visit to treatment I walked through the doors of New Beginning’s at Waverly in April of 2011.

The staff and counselors guided me through the twelve steps and gave me the tools necessary to succeed in a life that does not involve alcohol. Since leaving New Beginnings Minnesota I have stayed active in the twelve steps of recovery and also take every chance available to give back as a proud member of The New Beginnings Minnesota Alumni Association Board.


Wayne J.

I just want to say thank you to New Beginnings for changing my life!
I came there in really bad shape and made the decision to make the best effort I could out of my time there. I was able to be honest with myself about my addiction to alcohol and to face my problems head on! They recognized that I was serious about changing my life and they challenged me to work hard in order to reap the benefits of a sober life. I look forward to speaking at a meeting there in the near future and am working to help others who suffer from alcohol and addiction. Thank you from my family to yours! Jay

When I arrived at New Beginnings, I was a scared, lonely and desperate woman. Alcohol had consumed my life. It was the only thing that mattered to me and I did whatever I needed to continue drinking. My life was in pieces.

From the moment I started meeting with staff, the fear started to lessen. The staff was so warm and understanding. I was able to see through their compassion and sharing that a life without alcohol was possible.

I am so grateful for my life today and all of the relationships I have because of New Beginnings. I never have to be that fear filled, lonely woman again.

Lori H.

I arrived at New Beginnings Minnesota on August 20th 2004. I was scared, excited and ready to start a new life that did not include alcohol. The second I walked through the door, I felt like I was at home.

The administration staff did a fantastic job of getting me signed in and checked into my room. Once I was settled in, I got to meet my counselor and the rest of the clients. Everyone was extremely nice and always offered help when I needed it.

One of the most important parts of my sobriety was the New Beginnings Alumni Association. I finally had the opportunity to give back for all that was given to me. I was able to participate on the Alumni board and be of maximum service to the newcomers at New Beginnings Minnesota. I owe everyone at New Beginnings a great debt of gratitude. Craig H.

I went as a family member of addict. Through the learnings and group that Matt Karayan led, he not only is an excellent Counselor…. He gets right to the point and you walk away with “eyes wider open.” A better understanding of not only the actions of our son, but of ourselves. I heard from our son that HE has a better understanding of his addiction, and is learning tools to deal with it. I am a supporter.

Barbara T.

I went into New Beginnings scared of the unknown. Would I have to deal with staff who treated me like a child, would my peers be people who have bad attitudes and make me angry? So many questions, and all I knew was what my daughter had dealt with 6 months prior to my entrance. What I left New Beginnings with was a new family. The overnight staff was incredible, always there when I couldn’t sleep ready to listen or talk to me, it was a fantastic experience. The days were filled with intense programming that taught me things I never had expected from treatment. I was completely amazed at how well they were able to fix me up by giving me the tools to fix myself. I would recommend New Beginnings Minnesota to everyone who needs help to deal with life on life’s terms, clean and sober and proud of me. Tammy B.

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