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11/19/2021- Advanced Ethical Considerations in Substance Use Disorder Treatment Settings

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New Beginnings at Waverly is an established provider of affordable, high-quality, and professional continuing education workshops in the behavioral health and addiction studies field. Our goal is to provide four workshops per year across multiple disciplines.

Our professional workshops are held on the grounds of our main facility in Waverly, Minnesota, just 35 miles west of Minneapolis. Professional workshops are open to everyone for a nonrefundable fee of $35.00. For more information, please send us an e-mail and you will soon begin to receive quarterly announcements for any upcoming workshops.

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Workshop & Learning Objectives:

The concepts and meanings of cultural competence have evolved through many iterations and continue to expand. What does it really mean to understand and work with different populations and groups proficiently? This training will explore the history of cultural efficacy in the counseling professions. We will look at moving beyond understanding of the stereotypical view of certain groups to gaining a deeper understanding of issues these groups face. This training will cover racism (and other isms), generational trauma, racial trauma, and how to focus on these issues when working with clients. The work of anti-oppression is complex and requires understanding of historical issues, increasing awareness of the world around us, and deep introspection. Join us to share and increase understanding of working with, and advocating for, all of our clients.

As a result of the training participants will take away information

• Will gain perspective in the history of “cultural competency”
• Will have an increased awareness of the historical context of racism
• Will have an increased understanding of working with racial trauma
• Will expand their skills for working with under-served clients
• Will become increasingly empowered to advocate for client needs