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2/21/20 (9AM-3PM) — Grief & Stress Workshop; Part 1: Grief: The Re-Identification of Self and Part 2: Stress: The Spice of Life or The Kiss of Death (click link)

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Workshop & Learning Objectives:

This will be a 2 part training, the first part titled “Grief: The Re-
Identification of self” will be in the morning. This presentation examines
the various types of losses human beings experience in life both maturationally and situationally. A societal view of grief and mourning is discussed along with the ways in which people process grief.
The second part “Stress: The Spice of Life or the Kiss of Death” be in the
afternoon. In this presentation time is spent looking at both the positive
and negative aspects of stress in daily lives. A self-analysis stress test is
completed by the participant. Stress coping skills are taught along with a
one– half hour session on self hypnosis training.

As a result of the training participants will take away information

• Society and grief today
• Losses and gains
• Processing: The work of re-identifying
• Normal vs pathological grief
• The many myths of grief
• Pros and cons of group therapy with grief
• Distinguish between the major types of stress.
• Better understand the psychological and physical effects of long term
• List five methods of handling stress.
• Better understand and utilize relaxing methods for their own stress reduction
and for their clients/patients.