Outpatient Family and Concerned Persons Education and Support

Because addiction impacts family and loved ones, New Beginnings Minnesota highly encourages loved ones to be involved in the client’s Outpatient Treatment and Recovery process.

Problematic substance use has a wide range of impact. Therefore, we offer a family night through our Outpatient Services where we provide education and support to affected families. This helps rebuild healthy relationships as part of the recovery process.

Family educational and support topics include: disease progression; family response to the illness; communication skills; patient relapse prevention and the continuum of patient care planning.

Family Services from New Beginnings Minnesota

Family Night

Family Night is provided every 4-6 weeks so that all Outpatient clients receive this important benefit.

  • The date of each Family Night depends up the Outpatient location.
  • Family Night is conducted in a group setting along with the patient.
  • Family members receive a letter of invitation as to when the Family Night will be held.
  • Following one initial group family session, individual family sessions may be requested.
  • The family sessions last up to three hours.
  • There is no cost to family members.
  • Patient family members typically include parents, spouses, partners, and adult children with everyone attending together with the patient.

Outpatient Family Services

For the family of a person struggling with addiction, addressing the issues and helping them seek and engage in effective treatment can be a challenge.

While family members may opt to ignore or deny the problems related to addiction, they need to understand that most clients seek substance abuse treatment because of positive family involvement, intervention and long-term support. Our Outpatient Services aims to help families of patients achieve that effective support through meaningful family education.

That is part of our Outpatient pledge  ̶  to provide patients with: Quality Treatment. Lifetime Recovery. Personal Care.

For more information regarding New Beginnings Minnesota Outpatient Family Education and Support Programs, please feel free to contact the counselor at the Outpatient location your family member attends for treatment and recovery services.

Outpatient Family Night at New Beginnings Minnesota

Who Can Attend on Family Night?

Any family members that have been impacted by the patient’s chemical use are encouraged to attend. However, no child under the age of 12 may attend. Family members between the ages of 12 and 18 must have adult supervision. Family members should not participate if under the influence of mood-altering chemicals. We reserve the right to provide breathalyzers or UAs to family members that appear intoxicated.

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