Addiction Recovery – Residential Treatment

New Beginnings Minnesota offers full-service residential alcohol and drug recovery treatment for women and men of all levels of career/employment status, professional achievement, educational background and/or academic standing. Our residential treatment facility is located on the north shore of Lake Waverly and our program is designed for people who want to get away from outside influences to reflect and find serenity in a lakeside setting without distraction.

Our recovery program is based on a well-rounded balance of individual, group and family education sessions, peer support meetings, social activities, exercise, healthy meals and alumni support. All of these are life lessons essential for successful addiction recovery following completion of treatment.

Residential Treatment Services from New Beginnings Minnesota
Studies of different treatment approaches have found that residential recovery treatment is extremely effective for individuals with a long history of addictive behavior. Additional research also demonstrates that planned treatment, and knowing the expected duration of treatment, strongly correlates with a positive treatment outcome.

Since 1982, New Beginnings Minnesota has successfully treated patients with this residential program. Individualized treatment plans are expected to run 4 to 6 weeks, depending on circumstances.

Our women’s and men’s residential recovery program offers a variety of treatment regimens individually tailored for each patient’s unique needs:

  • Medical management
  • Primary treatment
  • Group and individual sessions
  • Family education
  • Women’s and men’s specific curriculum
  • Women’s and men’s mental health psychotherapy groups
  • Women’s and men’s centered nutritional lectures
  • Women’s and men’s separate lodging with services
  • Relapse awareness groups for men and women
  • Recovery skills for men and women
  • Therapeutic recreation and relaxation
  • Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings
  • Continuing care services to support our “Lifetime Recovery” principle
  • New Beginnings Minnesota Alumni programs and support

We encourage family members and loved ones to take part in the recovery process and support the patient who is struggling to overcome alcoholism and addiction.

Our residential treatment facility is licensed as a co-occurring program, and provides services for those with a substance use disorder and/or a co-occurring mental health disorder.
Entering a residential addiction treatment program and leaving your family or loved ones behind can be a difficult decision. While we understand these concerns, we hope you will consider a New Beginnings Minnesota Residential Program, especially if you have failed to get sober by other means. In our recovery setting, we believe it is never too late for a New Beginning.

Ongoing Care

Your recovery doesn’t end after your residential treatment program is complete. New Beginnings Minnesota extends its expertise and support to patients who are managing successful transitions into the community by providing outpatient services including:

  • Ongoing clinical support and guidance
  • 12-step education
  • Cognitive and behavioral skills
  • Alumni support and expertise in local community resources

Our outpatient programs are dynamic exchanges where patients make recovery contacts, manage or gain employment, explore new opportunities, complete schooling, rebuild relationships, and learn new skills for successful participation in the sober lifestyle.

The primary goal of our continuing care program is to support patients in their ongoing recovery process following addiction treatment. Our continuing care services are provided in numerous locations throughout the State of Minnesota. Contact us today to learn more.

New Beginnings Minnesota Residential and Outpatient programs are “in-network” and covered by all major Minnesota insurance providers. Contact us for more information.

New Beginnings Minnesota – Waverly

Main campus & mailing address
109 N Shore Drive
Waverly, MN 55390
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New Beginnings Minnesota - Waverly

From the Twin Cities:
– Take Hwy 12 WEST to Waverly, MN.
– Turn RIGHT on 4th St. in Waverly.
– Cross the railroad tracks and turn RIGHT onto Atlantic Ave.
– Go 1 block and turn LEFT onto Cty Road 9/2nd St.
– Follow Cty Road 9 around the lake and turn LEFT onto North Shore Dr.
Our location will be on your left.

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