Residential Admissions

Getting help for you or a loved one starts with a simple phone call. Call us at (877) 367-1715. Our admissions team typically operates Monday through Friday to respond to questions and assist you in the process of getting help.

Don’t be overwhelmed.
Once you make the call, we will help you navigate the process of getting help; completing assessments or referrals and obtaining approval from your insurance or public funding. The process varies slightly depending on you or your families particular situation.

We also admit patients from hospitals and/or detox facilities and we can help you with that process. Contact us today to learn more.

When Getting Ready for Residential Treatment…

1. Download our Getting Ready for Treatment checklist of things you need to know.

2. You cannot bring cell phones or other electronics, nor can you make or receive phone calls for the first three days. Please plan accordingly.

3. You must bring a 30-day supply of any current medications, in their original containers. If you do not have enough on hand, please visit your doctor or pharmacist in advance to get your prescriptions filled. Please note that you will be responsible for all medication costs; Rule 25 without M.A. does not cover medications.

4. Make sure family members and loved ones know our Visitation Rules for the Men’s Facility and the Women’s Facility.

5. All visitations are held at the main facility, for both men & women. Visitors are limited to family/significant others only (unless approved by counselor) Underage visitors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

6. We typically do not allow patients to leave for outside appointments, as it can interrupt the continuity of the treatment process.

Please note that Drug Detection Dogs are used on New Beginnings Minnesota property.

In an emergency, please call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room.
Help is only a phone call away. Call New Beginnings Minnesota now.

Transportation Policy

New Beginnings Minnesota does not provide transportation to and from our locations, court appointments, and non-emergency medical appointments.

You can reschedule most appointments and court dates because you are receiving treatment for your addiction.

Medical Services / Pharmacy Services

Certain medical services may be required during your stay. New Beginnings Minnesota provides basic on-site primary care services with emergency and specialty care available through local providers. Private and public medical insurance will cover most medical services. We encourage you to enroll in a private or public insurance plan prior to admission, as we do not provide free medical care.

  • Residential Level of Care
    A brief history & physical is required at the residential level of care before or after you arrive. We can provide or arrange for these services which are billed at usual and customary rates.
  • Prescription Medications/Laboratory Services
    Please ask your medical doctor to provide a 30 day supply of medications before you arrive. Your medical insurance may be billed for medications you require while you are here. Please remember you are responsible for co-pays. You will be responsible for laboratory charges (urinalysis and bloodwork) not covered by insurance.
  • Medical Supplies
    Plan ahead by getting supplies from your doctor before you arrive. This will lower your medical costs and prevent interruptions in your care while you are in residence.

Private and public medical insurance will cover most medical services. We encourage you to enroll in a private or public insurance plan prior to admission, as we do not provide free medical care.

Please note: Rule 25 without M.A. does not cover medical appointments or medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of treatment do I need?
There are many types of treatment options available, from outpatient and day programs to residential care. The best way to see what you need is to have a chemical use assessment done by a professional. They can assist you in making the right choice and provide you with referrals.
2. Can my family visit and be involved?

Family and loved ones are an important part of the treatment process for patients, and their involvement is encouraged at New Beginnings. We offer education at all levels of care, as well as opportunities to visit for residential patients. For details, contact us at 1-800-487-8758.

3. Can you make someone get treatment if they don’t want it?

We are not a locked facility, and don’t keep clients against their will. The only way to require someone to get treatment is through a legal process called a commitment. However, if you know someone who needs help, but is resisting, feel free to contact our admissions staff about other options.

4. How much does treatment cost?

The cost of getting treatment varies greatly depending on the type of care that is needed. Health insurance often includes coverage for chemical dependency treatment, which can help reduce costs. Minnesota residents may also apply for financial help through their local county, commonly called Rule 25 assistance. This must be done before entering treatment, as the county will help you determine your eligibility, and then will help place you in an appropriate program.

5. What is the success rate for treatment?

Success can be defined many different ways, but the reality is that drug treatment outcomes depend mostly on the clients themselves. Treatment provides safety and stability, teaches relapse prevention skills and builds sober networks. But using the tools provided is always an individual choice. By helping people build the skills and motivation to recover, we can give them every hope for a new beginning.

6. Can I make and /or receive calls?

No phone calls are allowed the first three days. After that, there are phones available to make and receive calls. Calls may be limited in time and frequency.

7. Is there a dress code?
Clothing is expected to be comfortable but appropriate. Pajama pants are for sleeping only. Shorts must be appropriate length (longer than fingertips at sides, when standing). Tennis shoes are recommended for recreation. No tank tops, revealing clothing, muscle shirts or shirts with band/drug/alcohol logos.
8. Are there exercise facilities available?

We have an exercise/activities building available for use at specific times. Softball, volleyball and walking are also included in the activities.

9. Are there private rooms?

There are no private rooms but many do have dividers for added privacy.

10. Can I do laundry?

Laundry facilities are available at no charge and include laundry soap.

11. Is smoking allowed?
Smoking and chewing tobacco are allowed outdoors only in designated areas. Smoking cessation products must be approved by medical staff.
12. Do I need to bring money?
No money is required, however, you may want to bring a small amount for pop machines, vending machines, additional cigarettes or prescriptions.
13. Can I receive mail?

Do not forward mail to this address. However, while in treatment, items may be sent to:

[Patient Name] c/o New Beginnings Minnesota
109 N. Shore Dr.
Waverly, MN 55390

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