Just for Men

New Beginnings Minnesota has addiction treatment programs designed specifically for men.

The men’s residential program offers a chance for male clients to focus on their respective issues in discreet and effective settings.

  • Our men’s program is individualized and gender-specific. We focus on addressing individual needs and building the skills needed to achieve a lifetime of recovery.
  • Men’s programming occurs at the main campus, although several treatment with lodging options are also available.
  • All off-campus housing is supervised by male staff members
  • We provide transportation between the different campuses, so men can focus on what is truly important – a sense of peace and security as they travel the road to recovery!
Treatment Services

Our men’s program offers a variety of treatment protocols, individually prescribed for each patient’s unique needs and may include:

  • Medical management
  • Primary treatment
  • Group and individual sessions
  • Family programs
  • Male-specific curriculum
  • Male-specific mental health psychotherapy groups
  • Male-centered nutritional lectures
  • Lodging with services
  • Relapse awareness groups
  • Recovery skills
  • Therapeutic recreation and relaxation
  • Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous meetings
  • Continuing care services to support our “Lifetime Recovery” principle
  • New Beginnings Minnesota Alumni programs and support


Recovery Programs Proven to Work for Men

● Our patients identify our group therapy model as the number one healing factor in their treatment.*

● Over 90% of our patients consistently report overall satisfaction with our recovery services.#

● Our patients consistently report “feeling cared for” and getting the support they need.

● We offer family members the opportunity to be involved by participating in education and family groups, to help men build both support and relationships with loved ones.

● We encourage 12-step program involvement, and provide contacts and resources for continued support throughout the recovery process.

*NB Patient Satisfaction Data (2014). #Smith, D.T. (February 2014) Comparing patient identified healing and satisfaction differences affecting treatment services. Counselor, Vol.15 No.1, pp. 64-69.

Through Treatment, Follow-Up, and Maintenance . . . We Are Here.

Our men’s treatment programs offer calm, serene, and safe environments that encourage reflection and assessment of one’s own substance abuse and chemical dependency issues.

● We offer customized treatment planning, addressing the needs of men facing their own unique challenges of drug or alcohol addiction.

● We provide peer-to-peer contact with other men in recovery through our New Beginnings Minnesota Alumni Association, emphasizing our long-term commitment to community, fellowship, friendship, and support.

● We offer ongoing recovery related support services for all New Beginnings Minnesota alumni.

● We serve men from all walks of life and across the entire adult age spectrum.

● Our services are covered by most health insurance policies.


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